Before you Trash that H-D T-Shirt….

Calling All HOGs and HOGetts,

We need your help.  At our June chapter meeting it was mentioned that we would like to make a quilt using HOG tee-shirts donated by our members.  We would actual like to make two or three quilts.  We will auction one at our annual Christmas party in December and the others will be either sold or raffled off.

Now I know you must have one or two or more HOG tee-shirts that you would be willing to donate to help make this project a complete success.  What makes these quilts so special is that each will be a one of a kind.  Each one will be unique with their own set of HOG tee-shirts.  It doesn’t matter where the shirt is from.  If fact it will be great to have shirts from all over the country and the world.  It also doesn’t matter what size although larger sizes are better.

So when you come to the chapter meeting this Saturday, July 11, bring some HOG shirts.  Richard Dillon will collect the shirts.  If you are unable to be at the meeting and would still like to give a shirt then contact Richard at 985-788-2568 to arrange for delivery.

So go through those hundreds of tee-shirts that you don’t wear anymore and pick out a few so that they can be a part of something very unique and beautiful.

See ya Saturday.

John Clifford
Assistant Director
Northshore H.O.G. Chapter #2147
Tel: 985-290-5192